Canada: School enforces dress code because of transgender teacher – Video and photos


Photos of Oakville Trafalgar Middle School teacher Kayla Lemieux went viral in September and quickly garnered attention

A Canadian school board has called for a new “professional” dress code for teachers after months of backlash over a transgender teacher with giant prosthetic breasts who teaches at the school.

Halton District School Board members unanimously approved a motion Jan. 3 directing the superintendent of education to develop a policy to ensure “appropriate and professional dress standards in the classroom,” as reported by Fox News.

District education director Curtis Ennis has until March 1 to implement the new dress code.

The photos of the teacher Kayla Lemieux, of Oakville Trafalgar High School, went viral in September and quickly gained worldwide attention.

A storm of reactions immediately arose, but it had two fronts. One was the parents and students who turned against the teacher and the other was from a crowd of her supporters.

The snaps, taken by students, show the blonde teacher wearing skimpy clothes that highlight her giant prosthetic breasts while teaching a class.

Huge nipples can be seen protruding from her fake bust, which “set the students’ guardians off guard”.


The photos quickly sparked strong protests, angry complaints and even bomb threats at the Oakville school, located about 20 miles outside of Toronto.

The school board continued to stand by the transgender teacher, who began identifying as female last year, according to the Toronto Sun.

“This teacher is an extremely effective teacher,” Halton County School Board President Margo Shuttleworth said.

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