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Israel – attack on the synagogue: Smells “gunpowder” again in the Middle East – “Congratulations” from Hezbollah


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New shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Old City – Army reinforces forces in occupied West Bank – Arrest of 42 suspects, ‘some belong to the terrorist’s family’

Fears of a new flare-up in the Middle East are caused by the escalating tension of the last few weeks, culminating in yesterday’s attack by a gunman – according to Israeli media – outside a synagogue in East Jerusalem, with 7 dead.

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Today, two people were injured in a suspected shooting attack near Jerusalem’s Old City, Israel’s first aid agency announced and Israel’s Military Radio reported.

Yesterday, after the bloody attack, Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza celebrating and burning Israeli flags (center photo).

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The international community condemned the massacre while the attack, which police described as a “terrorist incident”, raised fears of an escalation of violence after months of tension in the West Bank.

Today the Israeli police announced that they arrested 42 people.

“Police have detained 42 suspects for questioning, some belonging to the terrorist’s family,” the police said in a statement.

The Israeli army also announced today that it is strengthening its forces in the occupied West Bank.

“Following an assessment of the situation by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), it has been decided to reinforce the Judea and Samaria Division (West Bank) with an additional battalion,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah – the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite group – today praised the attack carried out by the Palestinian gunman.

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