Ukraine: Four dead from Russian bombings in Kherson and Kharkiv


According to the Ukrainian authorities, in Kherson, a hospital, a post office, a railway station were damaged, while in Kharkiv, a Russian missile hit a four-story apartment building.

Russian shelling yesterday Sunday in Kherson, in southern Ukraine, killed three people and injured six others, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced, while a missile strike in Kharkiv, east, resulted in the death of an elderly woman, announced the regional governor. .

“The Russian army was barbarically shelling Kherson all day long (…). A hospital, a post office, a railway station were damaged. Two nurses were injured at the hospital. In total, six wounded and three dead are reported,” said the Ukrainian president in his daily address, which was broadcast last night.

The regional administration spoke earlier of three dead and six injured, among them a nurse.

In Kharkiv, the head of the regional military administration spoke of a Russian missile strike on a “four-story apartment building.”

“Three victims suffered minor injuries. Unfortunately, an elderly woman was killed,” the official, Oleh Sinekhubov, said via Telegram. “Her husband was very close by when the impact occurred, but miraculously he was not seriously injured,” she continued. “Residents were removed” from the building. “Emergency services are continuing their work on the ground,” Mr. Sinekhubov added in his post on Sunday night into Monday.

Mr Sinehubov told the Suspilne news website that rescue teams were looking for another elderly woman, who was feared to have died in the debris.

In an area under Russian control, in the neighboring region of Zaporizhia (south), the authorities assigned by Moscow spoke of four dead in a Ukrainian strike against a railway bridge.

The front in southern Ukraine, where the Russians withdrew from Kherson in November, has generally been calmer than in the east, where fierce fighting is raging, but shelling from both sides has never stopped, with fighting resuming last week. week in the Zaporizhia region.

The head of the pro-Russian administration in Zaporizhia, Yevgeny Balitsky, accused Kiev forces of hitting “with a HIMARS multiple rocket launcher a railway bridge over the Malochnaya River”.

“Four railway workers were killed, five were injured and they are being treated,” added Mr. Balitsky. The bridge is located near Svetlandinskoe Villa, north of Melitopol, which is controlled by Russian troops. According to the pro-Russian official, repair work was underway on the bridge.


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