Peru: Dina Boluarte to file new bill to speed up elections if rejected by Congress again


Former Vice President Boluarte took office on December 7, the day left-wing former President Pedro Castillo was ousted, arrested and remanded in custody.

The interim president of Peru, Dina Boluartepromised last Sunday night that he will again propose a constitutional revision so that parliamentary and presidential elections can be held early in October this year if Congress does not agree to reconsider or reject a text to that end that was submitted on Friday.

After midnight on Saturday, after marathons seven o’clock session, the Peruvian parliament rejected (65 votes against, 45 in favor, two abstentions) a text that opened the door to holding elections within the year.

If the Peruvian national delegation does not agree to reconsider the draft law or reject it a second time today, Mrs. Boluarte committed how a new one will be tabled, which will also stipulate that the next elected Congress will be required to oversee a “complete revision” of the country’s Constitution, which was ratified in 1993.

The dissolution of Congress, the immediate holding of elections and the revision of the Constitution are among the main demands put forward by the thousands of citizens who participate in the mass mobilizations that broke out at the beginning of last year and have claimed the lives of at least 48 people.

Former Vice President Boluarte took office on December 7, the day leftist former President Pedro Castillo, who was accused of attempting a “coup d’état” by announcing he was dissolving Congress as it prepared to impeach him, stood down, was arrested and was remanded in custody. It was the trigger for the demonstrations and riots that plunged the Andean state into a political and institutional crisis.


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