Survivor All Star: Haros is back – His first job is to vote for Evie


Vassalos caught up and saw that Takis and Sozon were a direct match, making them a terrible duo, or “death duo”

The Blues did not have time to stay for much less after the departure of Carolina. Sozon Palestros Charos from 2018 arrived in Agios Dominicos and wore the Blues. Other players were happy to see him, others like the Evies, were a bit wary.

If for some reason Sozon was remembered by all of us, apart from his special name, it is his epic fight with Evi Salataferidou. The two players were not getting along at all and it was coming out.

Fortunately, all this is in the past. As he himself mentioned, Sozon has come with a different mood. In Survivor 2018, they even won a prize together that looked more like a date on Love Island.

Evi Saltaferidou seemed to be convinced by the changed Sozon, or at least, to be in the mood to start dating from the beginning, forgetting all the wrong things that happened in the past.

Meanwhile, Vassalos caught up and saw that Takis and Sozon were a direct match, which makes them a terrible duo, or otherwise “death duo”.

Sozon’s first day in blue combined with the team’s first heavy defeat of the game. Therefore the Fighters were invited to vote in order to get the first candidate of the week. Despite the smiles and jokes with Evi, Sozon went to the ballot box and voted for her for no apparent reason.

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