France: Tones are rising again for the pension – New strike on Tuesday


Tomorrow, Tuesday, a large turnout is expected in the new strike mobilization in the transport and education sectors – The government remains firm in its position for now

The political and social tension is rising again in France todayeve of a new day of mobilizations against his reform pension system promoted by the French president Emmanuel Macron, as the debate in parliament of the proposed bill.

This provides for an increase in the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years and an acceleration of the extension of the payment of contributions for full retirement.

A total of 2 million people took part in the first day of demonstrations and strikes on January 19 to express their opposition to the reform. Unions, which rarely show such unity, are hoping for tomorrow’s participation to be at least the same level to strengthen the protest movement, while their hope is supported by opinion polls, which show a growing rejection of the bill by public opinion.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, a large participation in the new strike action is expected in the field of transport and education.

The government remains steadfast in its position for now. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne assured at the weekend that this rise in the retirement age was “no longer negotiable”, while the Minister of the Interior, Geral Darmanen accused much of the left-wing opposition of wanting to “destroy the country”.

Today, MPs will begin at the parliamentary committee level the examination of the bill, which will be submitted to the National Assembly from February 6.

On the far right, National Alarm party leader Marine Le Pen warned the prime minister, who, according to Le Pen, “will not go too far.” “Because, as it started, it is not at all possible that her pension reform will be voted”, as he judged.

Other parties, of the right as well as of the left, also criticized the government’s position.

Macron, whose Renaissance party lacks a majority in the National Assembly, is hoping for right-wing support to pass the pension reform bill.

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