USA: Former President Donald Trump is suing iconic journalist Bob Woodward


Mr. Trump is seeking $49 million in damages, according to a Bloomberg News report.

The former US president Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against the well-known journalist Bob Woodward, because he released an audiobook that includes recordings of eight-plus hours of interviews he granted between 2019 and 2020.

Mr. Trump, who is also targeting Mr. Woodward’s publisher, is seeking $49 million in damages, according to a report by Bloomberg news agency.

Mr Trump’s advocates argue that the fact that the recorded interviews are included in the audiobook format of Bob Woodward’s book violated the journalist and author’s pledge that he would use them “solely and solely to write a book”.

The suit and action, in which the real estate mogul is referred to as “President Trump” — as noted by a report from the New York Daily News relayed by the German Agency — was filed in federal court in the northern district of Pensacola, Florida.

Bloomberg notes that Mr. Trump frequently files lawsuits in that court, where he has appointed one of three judges who handle civil cases.

Donald Trump had announced that he would sue Bob Woodward when the audiobook was released. The interviews were recorded “to be transcribed, not to be sold,” he told Fox News.

The audiobook includes 20 interviews the journalist took with the former president on a variety of topics, from the novel coronavirus pandemic to international diplomacy. The hard copy of The Trump Tapes (Simon & Schuster), which also contains some of Mr Trump’s written correspondence with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was released in mid-January.

The publishing house did not respond when the Daily News asked for comment.

After the end of Mr. Trump’s term, the trials in which he was involved are many. He and his lawyer were ordered to pay nearly $1 million earlier this month for filing a lawsuit that a federal judge called “completely frivolous.”

Bob Woodward told The Washington Post in October that if he regrets anything about the interviews he did for the book, it’s that he let the former president slip in June 2020, that he hadn’t pressed him to answer how he would have reacted. if he lost the November elections of the same year.

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