USA: They found a 2nd time capsule at the base of the statue of General Li – Agony for its contents (pics)


Another time capsule was found Tuesday at the base of a statue of a Southern Confederate general, renewing hopes that it could contain a photograph of President Abraham Lincoln that many collectors are eagerly awaiting.

“They found her!” wrote on Twitter the governor of Virginia Ralph Northham, a week after the opening of the first time capsule that disappointed the experts. “It’s obviously the time capsule that everyone was looking for,” he added, accompanying his post with photos of a rectangular metal box about 30cm long.

The governor clarified that the box will not be opened today, as the experts want to examine it first, however a little later he posted on his account X-ray photos in which he states that according to analyst estimates, coins, books, buttons and even ammunition from the US are included. civil war.

These “capsules” are boxes that are buried at some point, after previously put in them various characteristic objects of the time, to be found by future generations. This one was found under the pedestal of the imposing, equestrian statue of General Robert Lee, the head of the Southern Army during the Civil War (1861-65). The statue was unveiled in 1890 in Richmond, the former capital of the South, Virginia.

The statue, considered a symbol of the country’s slavery past, was removed in September amid a dispute over the value given through these monuments to people who defended slavery. Specialists then began searching his pedestal for a mysterious time capsule, which had been placed there in 1887. The box is believed to contain various Civil War memorabilia, such as buttons or bullets, confederate money, a Bible and, most importantly, a a photograph depicting Lincoln in his coffin – an image that is considered a “historic bomb” and will make a splash in the collectibles market.

Another box found and carefully opened by Northham contained three books and a cloth envelope with a photograph, but it had been damaged by water. There was also a coin of unknown origin inside. This capsule seems to have been hidden on the pedestal by workers who participated in the installation of the statue. One of the books was a guide for astronomers and sailors, from 1875. But another seems to have been published in 1889, two years after the capsule was buried on the spot. This fact indicated that there was a second box under the pedestal.

The statue of General Lee in Richmond was targeted by anti-racist protesters after the death in May 2020 of African-American George Floyd, when a white police officer knelt around his neck in an attempt to arrest him.

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