Burglary in… a sex shop in Spain: The incredible booty of tens of thousands of euros


The three thugs, who grabbed luxury items including a gold-plated version starting at €15,000, appeared to know exactly what they were looking for, the company’s commercial director explained.

At least eight luxury vibrators, some with 24-carat gold plating, were stolen from the Spanish wholesaler of sex toys, Dreamlovewith the value of the stolen goods amounting to tens of thousands of euros, the company announced today.

The three thugs, who grabbed luxury items, including a gold-plated version that starts at 15,000 euros – the cost increases with size and functionality – seemed to know exactly what they were looking for, Idiareb Aponte, its commercial director, told AFP. of a company based in Seville.

The thieves, who broke into the premises shortly before midnight on Wednesday, “searched until they reached the security area where the gold-plated vibrators and a large sum of money were located,” he told AFP.

Thus, eight sexual aids were stolen, six gold-plated and two stainless steel, with a cost “from 3,500 to 7,000 euros”.

“As these are luxury sex toys and rarely on the market, I don’t think it will be very easy for thieves to resell them,” she said. Idiareb Aponte.

The criminals also took €25,000 in cash which was hidden in a safe inside the warehouse, located in an industrial park 10 kilometers east of Seville.

CCTV footage seen by AFP showed three masked men entering the property with a hammer and an ax after cutting the light.

On its website, Dreamlove, which was founded in 2007, describes itself as a “satisfaction service” with more than 20,000 items in stock, from sex toys to underwear.


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