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Karapapas: “Referee from the… leftovers of Europe – Funny that the final will be held abroad”


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His anger Olympiakou for the selection of a referee in the derby with PAOK and in general about the situation that he considers to exist in Greek football, he expressed Kostas Karapapas.

Speaking to ERT, one of vice presidents of the red and white PAE initially stated:

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“The days we live in are tragic for Greek football and I think a way must be found to change all this, because we don’t have time either we suffer over here, let’s come to meaningless G.S. and which do not offer and nothing in Greek football.

On Sunday there is a very serious game, which the class already has get upset because of the referee’s choice which is error. We had requested a referee from the advanced leagues. Mr Bennett either he cannot or does not want to find such an arbitrator.

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Be that as it may, we asked for a referee from the major leagues again a referee came from Slovakia, they come from Lithuania, from Latvia, Estonia, the leftovers that is, of Europe.

We believe that in the end we will win the championship, no matter how many points we are behind. Others are in front and their legs are shaking.”

For the fact that the tones rose before Sunday’s derby, he replied: “The tones were raised, because both of them knowing that the game is too much seriousyou have to bring a referee from Spain, England, Germany, France, so no one can tell nothing.

Now you can’t bring in a Slovakian referee, who emerged by a man who worked for three years at PAOK. I’m not saying this about him PAOK. But you, Bennet, don’t you think so? Is work you”.

For the Cup final and if it agrees to be held at abroadwrite down: “We have to see them conditions. In which European country, under what conditions? I think I know football much better from all those who are here who are in EPO, they seem to me comically.

In Germany, friendly matches between Greek teams are not allowed. He won’t be back Germany to become a finalist with tens of thousands of Greeks. If we want to play a friendly with PAOK in Germany this summer, they won’t let us. They will allow us to become final with 60,000 people;”

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