Canada: Some employees will continue to work even if they have Covid-19


Quebec, Canada’s second most populous province, has no choice but to allow some key employees to continue working even if they test positive for Covid-19 so that staff shortages do not interfere with the operation of health facilities. services, announced the Minister of Health Christian Doub.

Quebec, which records daily cases after the Omicron variant triggered a new wave, reported 12,883 new infections on Monday – the highest number in 24 hours in any Canadian province since the pandemic began.

“The spread of Omicron is so exponential that a huge number of employees will have to retire. “And that jeopardizes our network’s ability to treat residents,” Dub told reporters. “We have decided that, under certain conditions, coronavirus-positive workers will be able to continue working, based on a list of priorities and risk management,” he added.

More details will be announced in the coming days, the minister said.

The booster vaccine for all adults will start in Quebec on January 4th.

Last week, Quebec authorities closed bars, gyms and casinos while instructing citizens to work only from home. Restrictions were also imposed on the number of people that can be accommodated in houses, while restaurants allow up to 6 people.

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