Moscow: 42-year-old man tried to steal Lenin’s embalmed body


42-year-old Muscovite arrested for attempted theft of Lenin’s body from Red Square Mausoleum

A 42-year-old man was arrested in Moscow’s Red Square after trying to steal the embalmed body of USSR founder Vladimir Lenin from his Mausoleum!

The 42-year-old Moscow resident was arrested in Red Square late on Monday night, February 6, trying to steal Vladimir Lenin from the Mausoleum.

According to a police official who spoke to Moskovsky Komsomolets, the Muscovite approached the doors of the Mausoleum and tried to open them, but was arrested by police officers.

“The man acted strangely, said something ‘uncomfortable’ and later admitted that he wanted to steal Lenin’s body,” the Russian police officer said.

When the arrested man was then taken to the police station, he allegedly said once again that he wanted to steal the body of the founder of the Soviet Union. Doctors were called to carry out medical checks on the man, as he did not remember why he wanted to steal Lenin’s body.

He was eventually diagnosed with psychological problems, while he recalled that he consumed alcoholic beverages before the incident. REN TV said that after the arrest, the Muscovite was sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment.

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