Earthquake in Turkey: Why the mission of a rescue team from Cyprus was rejected


All Cypriots in Turkey are fine, the Cypriot Foreign Ministry said

An announcement regarding the assistance of the Republic of Cyprus to the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus.

As pointed out in the announcement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted today by phone 12 of the 14 Cypriot citizens for whom there were registered residence details in Turkey via the Connect2CY platform. During said communication it was found that all are in good health and in safe places.

In relation to information containing a number of Cypriot nationals and specifically a group of Turkish Cypriot students who were staying in a hotel in the city of Adiyaman that was affected by the earthquake, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proceeded to update the EU’s electronic information exchange system for consular matters (Consular online).

It is recalled that from the first moment, the Republic of Cyprus, through the European Civil Protection Mechanism, made a light rescue team available to the Mechanism, to assist the rescue efforts. This offer was rejected, as the needs, at least at this stage, require the immediate dispatch of heavy-duty specialized rescue teams.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, a coordinating meeting will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of the Citizen’s Commissioner, the Ministry of Health, the Red Cross and the Pan-Cypriot Volunteer Coordinating Council. In this meeting, practical ways of supporting those affected in Turkey and Syria will be examined.


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