Hong Kong: Shop raided on suspicion of selling dog and cat meat


Police seize ‘suspicious dog and cat meat samples’ from shop located in Yau Ma Tei district

A shop in Hong Kong’s Yau Ma Tei district was raided by local authorities on suspicion of selling dog and cat meat to locals.

According to CNN, police seized “suspicious dog and cat meat samples” from a shop located in the Yau Ma Tei district.

The raid was carried out as part of a “joint operation” by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environmental Sanitation on Thursday night.

The raid came after local media reports emerged that cat and dog meat seven decades after it was banned.

The sale was also criticized by the local animal rights group, which said it “strongly condemns” the act. He also urged locals to contact the authorities if they come across dog and cat meat being sold as food in shops and restaurants.

Hong Kong’s dog and cat regulations state that “no person shall consume, or deal in, the meat of a dog or a cat, as well as the sale or use thereof.”

Eating dog and cat meat was banned in Hong Kong in 1950, so breaking the law carries a maximum fine of US$640 and six months in jail.

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