Peristeri bwin overturned and Karditsa took a “breather”.


With an upset in the fourth period, Karditsa defeated Peristeri 86-80 at “Yiannis Borouysis” for the 16th game of the Basket league and took a “breather” in the effort to stay in the category.

The foreigners of Peristeri brought the 0-7 for the “blue and yellow” at the beginning of the match, but the 5-0 streak of Karditsa was reduced to -2. The offensive superiority of the players of Vassilis Spanoulis kept +3 to +6 for the guests under the pressure of the home team, but the two consecutive three-pointers of Thessaly tied the game 14-14. With Denmon leading the way, Peristeri went on a 6-0 run to reach 14-20 and Hammer ended the first period at 16-24.

Led by Gavrosek, Karditsa went on an 8-0 run at the start of the second period and tied the score 24-24 against Peristeri’s poor perimeter defense. The home team’s more rebounds on the visitors’ missed shots helped them go on a 5-0 run for the +3. Peristeri responded with a 4-0 run for the “blue-yellow” +1 and consecutive runs on both sides changed the lead. A 6-0 run by Karditsa made it 41-36 for 41-37 in the first half.

Evans brought +6 at the start of the third period and Gavrosek brought it 48-42 for the home team, but at 50-46 the consecutive accurate long shots of the “V-Span” players brought a 12-0 run for Peristeri and the +8 starring Bilan offensively during this time. With Pridget as the star, Karditsa went on a 6-0 run and reduced to -2, but Hammer and Denmon went on a 7-0 run for +9 and the former AEK player finished 60-67 at the quarter.

Kaselakis brought it 60-69 at the start of the fourth period, but Gavrosek’s consecutive three-pointers helped in an 8-0 run by Karditsa for -1, but the tall ones of Peristeri maintained +2 to +4 for their team. Karditsa responded with a 5-0 run for +1 and the lead began to alternate with the two teams’ choices on the opposing rackets. There, however, Pridget took the situation into his own hands and helped in a 7-0 run for +6 of Thessaly at 1’07”. Denmon cut it to 84-80 at 56” and Pridget cut it to 86-80 with half a minute left, Hammer missed a three-pointer and nothing changed.

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