Toronto mayor resigns after admitting affair with employee 37 years his junior


Toronto Mayor John Tory abruptly resigned on Friday, shortly after the Toronto Star newspaper reported that he had been in a relationship with a much younger civil servant.

Tory, 68, acknowledged the relationship in a statement announcing her departure, saying it ended earlier this year and the employee had left City Hall.

Tory didn’t identify the server. The newspaper, citing unnamed sources, reported that the woman was a mayoral adviser and was 31 years old.

“I am deeply sorry and unreservedly apologize to the people of Toronto and to all those hurt by my actions,” Tory said.

“Above all, I apologize to my wife, Barb, and my family, who I’ve let down more than anyone else,” he said.

According to Tory, the relationship began during the Covid-19 pandemic and ended by mutual consent earlier this year.

He said he would work with city officials and Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie to ensure an orderly transition to a new administration.

“I deeply regret having to walk away from a job I love in a city I love even more. I believe, deep down, that it is better to dedicate myself fully to the work that is needed to repair these most important relationships as well,” he said, referring to your family.

Tory was elected mayor in 2014 after defeating Doug Ford, brother of former mayor Rob Ford, whose alcohol and crack scandals propelled him to worldwide notoriety in 2013. He was in his third term as mayor.

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