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US shoots down third unidentified flying object in three days


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The United States shot down its third unidentified flying object in three days on Sunday. This time, the artifact was flying over Lake Huron, on the border between Canadian and American territory. Officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, have yet to provide details.

Also on Sunday, an unidentified flying object was detected near Qingdao in northern China, according to the Shanghai newspaper The Paper. The authorities are in the process of overthrowing him, according to the daily.

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The city’s Department of Marine Development sent an alert to fishing boats in the area to avoid risks, according to the publication, which did not say when the item was sighted.

The first object shot down flew over Billings, Montana, where a military base with intercontinental ballistic missile silos is located. Washington claims the balloon was sent by China for surveillance; Beijing, for its part, says that it was a monitoring instrument for meteorological purposes that went out of its way.

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On Friday (10), a second high-altitude object that was in American territory was shot down. According to the US, the item, which was passing through the state of Alaska, was detected on Thursday (9) and was flying at an altitude of 12 km, bringing risks to civil aviation.

This Saturday (11), in a joint effort, the US and Canada shot down another flying object. This time, the artifact was flying over Yukon, in northern Canada. The cases heightened the already heightened tensions between China and the US and led to the postponement of the visit of the head of US diplomacy, Secretary Antony Blinken.

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