The United States currently has “no indication” that the three flying objects recently shot down in North America were of Chinese origin or were being used for espionage purposes, a White House spokesman said Wednesday.

These three “items” may have been “balloons for commercial or scientific, peaceful purposes”, emphasized John Kirby, the spokesman for the National Security Council, clarifying, however, that it will be necessary to analyze their wreckage first to answer with certainty.

Kirby was not referring to the first “balloon” shot down on February 4 in the Atlantic Ocean, which Washington insists was a Chinese spy.

The government representative noted that no one has not yet claimed the three items, and due to bad weather conditions it is difficult to find and recover their wreckage.

The American official yesterday clarified that the objects are not of extraterrestrial origin.

From Brussels where he is for the NATO summit, US General Mark Milley confirmed that the first of two missiles fired Sunday by an F-16 fighter against one of those objects over Lake Huron missed and fell into the water .

“We certainly followed his path all the way down”, he told reporters. Reuters reported on Monday that one of the missiles had misfired.