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You arrive at the Chinese border, carry your bags and head to the checkpoint. You expect to face some police officers, at worst a trained dog. Then you’re left with… your mouth hanging open. In front of you is a… squirrel, checking your luggage! If you have hidden drugs or other preparations, the squirrel finds them and you learn what the prisons are like in China.

Chinese police have completed training squirrels to detect drugs at the vast country’s border crossings.

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The first… strike team consists of six squirrels, who will show amazing results and perform an important work in the fight against drugs.

Their trainer, Yin Jin, said that all six squirrels performed exceptionally well in the tests.

The question that arises is when they will undertake their first missions. “This will take some time, as more tests will be needed,” the Chinese trainer said.

Soon, then, those who travel to China may find themselves “face to face” with one of these research squirrels, and they’d do well not to try to trick them…