Our Turkish colleagues are fighting the battle of reporting in the ruins, recording and experiencing unprecedented moments… SKAI connected with the CNN Turk journalist Fulia Ozturk, which conveyed to us the shocking things she has experienced all these days, along with many “thank yous” for the Greek help… Let’s see what she told us from Kahramanmaras.

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Ms. Kosioni: Foulia, good evening from Athens, thank you very much for this connection, we find you in the flattened Kahramanmaras. We understand the difficult circumstances and the emotional burden… You have the thoughts of all the Greek people…

Fulia Ozturk: ​​Thank you very much! We here see the support of Greece in these difficult times and we thank you

Sia Kosioni: I want you to tell us how you have experienced the days there… You have been there from the first moment. You are from this area right?

Fulia Ozturk: ​​I experienced the second big earthquake, I was here in Antiyaman. The first earthquake occurred in the morning and the second at noon.

Here I saw a small baby being pulled out of the rubble. His dad was holding him in his arms and trying to get him to the hospital, but the child was already dead.

His dad was yelling, screaming and crying. I will never forget this image. Of course, the incident with the 14-year-old and the moment they pulled him out of the ruins, that was also a big trauma for me.

There are many things we will not forget. I wish these people, from the beginning, win back their lives, we have to get stronger, we have to fix it.
We are in great pain, we have lost many, but we hope that again from the beginning we will get stronger and heal our wounds.

Co. Kosioni: You also participate in rescues. I learned about an incident where your role was very important… You helped save a man. It’s like that;

Fulia Ozturk: ​​We saw a young man of 14 years, under the ruins, waving his hand, it was in the early hours, on the first day of the earthquake, a small child, in a dark street, waving to us under the curtain and people told us that someone is inside. I was very disturbed by what I saw. Then the rescuers came, and after 6 hours they managed to get the child out. The child is fine, he is healthy and I spoke to him.

Sia Kosioni: If I ask you what is the most intense moment you experienced, or some of them, what would you tell us?

Fulia Ozturk: ​​When the earthquake happened, my parents were in Adana, they stayed in the car, for a long time they could not enter their house, they lived in the car.

When I went to Kahramanmaras, I saw that houses had fallen and many people had died. It’s very difficult to be a journalist in this situation, you can’t explain it, of course and when I say it I find it very difficult. But I wish that we rise again and that the Turkish state rebuilds everything from scratch.

Ms. Kosioni: We are particularly happy that the EMAK team was helpful, and that the Turkish people welcomed them with great love, which is of great importance for both countries…

Fulia Ozturk: ​​Here we see the support of Greece. In the difficult times you were by our side. The EMAK that came from Greece, worked day and night under the ruins, there we saw them trying to save people. Turks and Greeks worked side by side, day and night, trying for days to save people from the ruins. Thank you very much, be well.