A Prague court on Friday sentenced a 19-year-old man to 12 years in prison after confessing to killing his 74-year-old teacher at a vocational school with a machete last year, the Czech News Agency (CTK) reports. At the same time, the judge decided that the 19-year-old must undergo psychiatric treatment.

During his confession, the self-confessed perpetrator of the brutal murder claimed that he was being bullied by the victim.

On March 31, 2022, he broke into the teacher’s office on the 4th floor of a vocational school in Prague with a 60 cm machete and hacked the 74-year-old to death. He then attempted to flee, but the police tracked him down and arrested him a short time later.

According to the case file, the professor had failed him in an exam the day before the killer.

The judge justified the imposition of the most lenient possible sentence on the grounds that the psychiatric examination showed that the offender was impaired at the time of the crime.