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Spain’s government has made the decision to send six Leopard 2A4 heavy tanks to Ukraine in principle, Defense Minister Margarita Robles said Wednesday, informing members of the country’s parliament in Madrid.

It is possible to supply more to the Ukrainian armed forces if it deems it “necessary”, added the minister.

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The tanks that the Spanish government intends to send will come from its stocks, which have been decommissioned since 2012 and will need repairs, she said.

The Spanish armed forces have 347 such German-made tanks. Of these, 108 are Leopard 2A4, older, and 239 are 2A6, much more modern.

However, Madrid does not want to send more advanced Leopard 2A6s to Kiev. They are necessary for Spain’s own defence, Ms Robles explained.

Germany and Portugal have announced that they will send 14 and 3 Leopard 2A6 respectively. To form an armored battalion of the Ukrainian army, generally 31 tanks are needed, therefore another 14 will be needed.

Last week, 55 Ukrainian servicemen arrived in Spain to train in the Leopards; their training will be intensive and shorter than usual. These are both crew members of these heavy tanks—each has four—as well as technicians.