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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France described it as “worrying”. Catherine Colonna “what has been heard about the possibility of deviation” of Russia from its obligations regarding nuclear tests, which, however, as he pointed out, “should neither be underestimated nor overestimated”.

In an interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France estimates that “Russia violates all laws of war” and calls on the Kremlin to “behave responsibly“, while to a question about whether there is a threat of using nuclear weapons, he adds that “fortunately we are not at that point, but the rhetoric Putin is using sends a negative message».

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Furthermore, Colona clarifies that “the goal of both France and Europe and its allies is to defeat Russian aggression, nothing else. We seek nothing more than to allow Ukraine to regain its sovereignty. Neither France nor any of her friends and allies is at war with Russia. The point is not to bring Russia to its knees, but to help a country under attack to defend itself».

Regarding President Zelensky’s request to send planes, Colonna replies that “we focus on what Ukraine needs now“, noting that “AMX10 tanks will be on site from the end of this week, after training the Ukrainians to use them in record time».

She assures that “the perpetrators of the terrible crimes committed in Ukraine will be identified” and when asked if the Russian president could ever be tried, among other things, she adds:

We are working with the International Criminal Court and the entire international community so that there is no impunity for the perpetrators and those responsible for the war (…) I cannot predict that this will happen in the case of Putin but it is a possibility if the facts and the responsibilities are established . History shows that there is no lasting peace without justice».

As for an account a year of war in Ukrainethe French minister notes, finally, that “the unity of Europeans has been maintained for a year without fail and will be maintained. So the interim report is negative for Russia: after a year, there is a strategic, political and I would add moral defeat. The show that the Russian president gave on Tuesday, in excess and falsification of reality, attests to this. Russia is isolated».