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On strike from tomorrow, Tuesday, France will find itself where unions have called workers to demonstrations and strikes against the government-promoted reform of the country’s pension system – a reform that foresees, among other things, raising the French retirement age from 62 , who is now 64 years old.

The strike is expected to be particularly felt in the transport sectorn, both road and rail as well as air. Most routes are not expected to run, while truck drivers’ unions are threatening to close the country’s main arteries. The strike movements are expected to be particularly noticeable also in the energy, food chain and education sectors, with many of the schools and universities remaining closed.

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Police authorities estimate that approx a million Frenchmen will demonstrate tomorrow, Tuesday, while the unions expect that the number of demonstrators will exceed the two million. The unions have announced that rallies will be held in 260 French cities.

According poll carried out on behalf of the television station BFMTV, 64% of the French is in favor of strike mobilizations, while 57% are in favor of a permanent general strike.

Finally, as far as the parliamentary process of approving the pension bill is concerned, it is now in its final stage, i.e. its approval by the Senate.