The attempted assassination of the Russian oligarch, according to the Russian side, raises questions Konstantin Malofeev from the Ukrainians.

The Russian billionaire businessman and CEO of the Tsargrad Group of Companies announced that he was not injured “in an attempted assassination attack organized by Ukrainian special services” as he argued.

Earlier, the Public Relations Center of the FSB (Federal Security Service) reported that the Russian security services prevented an attempt on his life.

“In response to many alarmed calls from friends and acquaintances, I report: Thank God, I’m fine. No one was injured”, the Russian oligarch wrote on his Telegram channel.

Malofeev also thanked everyone for their support, and emphasized that “threats and terrorist attacks will not affect his patriotic attitude.” “I hope that the perpetrators of Dasha Dugina’s murder will finally be revealed and arrested”Maloveev also wrote.

Finally, in his second message, the Russian oligarch states: “My appeal to those who tried to kill me. We fight for the truth. And I have no personal hatred for those people who want me dead either. But as many of our saints have said, our personal enemies must be forgiven, and enemies of the Fatherland to be crushed. Therefore, we will fight with you until our Victory. And nothing will stop us.”

The murder of Daria Dugina

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) links the alleged assassination attempt to the murder of journalist Daria Dugina, daughter of the ultranationalist philosopher and Putin “mentor”, by a similar method Alexander Dugin, which Kiev has denied. Dugina was murdered in August 2022 when her vehicle exploded and caught fire.

In particular, according to the FSB, the organizer of the assassination attempt on Malofeev was Denis Kapustin, Russian citizen born in 1984, the founder and one of the leaders of the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps fighting on the side of the Ukrainians.

The terrorist act was planned to be carried out by detonating an improvised explosive device placed under the Russian tycoon’s car.

According to the FSB, a similar sabotage and terrorist act plan was used by the Ukrainian security services in preparation for Dugina’s murder.