Media reports about the attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines are part of a “coordinated” effort to divert attention, while the Russian presidency is baffled that US officials are making various assumptions about the matter before an investigation has even taken place. the Kremlin spokesman said today.

“Obviously, the perpetrators of the attack want to divert attention. Obviously, what we are seeing is a concerted attempt to mislead through the media,” Dmitry Peskov said, according to Russia’s state-run RIA news agency.

“How can US officials make assumptions without an investigation?” he asked.

For Mr. Peskov, the countries that were shareholders in the gas pipelines from Russia to Europe should insist that an urgent and transparent investigation be carried out.

“They still haven’t allowed us to participate or informed us about the investigation. Just a few days ago we received notes about her from the Danes and the Swedes,” the Kremlin spokesman said.

“This isn’t just weird. It reeks of a monstrous crime,” he added.