At least six people were killed and dozens injured when a train rammed a bus in Lagos, Nigeria.

The accident occurred at a bus stop on the Ikeja axis of Lagos, a city of about 20 million people, emergency services said.

According to initial indications, the bus driver ignored the prohibition sign and attempted to cross the tracks while the train was coming.

“Two people were killed on the spot and six others succumbed later in hospital,” Lagos Governor Babajide Sanu-olu said. The injured are at least 74.

A security guard, Ubong Okon, was among the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy in the early hours of this morning. “I went out and opened the gate, then I saw the train and the bus. I looked inside the bus, there were many passengers, injured, blood everywhere. I started helping the people inside to get off the bus,” he said.

Traffic jams are very common in Lagos where most people drive without following traffic and safety rules. Many roads in Nigeria are poorly maintained, full of potholes, a fact that leads to accidents that kill thousands of people every year.