The Italian prime minister Georgia Melloni went to Rimini today, where the congress of the centre-left trade union is in progress Cgilwhich is also the largest in the country.

I wanted to present this as a sign of respect to the union“, said the head of the Italian government.

At the same time, addressing some of the delegates who disapproved of her, she added that “she also thanks those who disagree with her and express their disapproval”. “I’ve been booed since I was sixteen, I might call myself an honorary knight of booing“, he said ironically.

According to the Italian Prime Minister, “confrontation is positive, it also has a pedagogical value, because it is a sign of a common destiny”, because “the exchange of views is useful and necessary”.

In relation to the action of her government, Meloni underlined that “she is working with the aim of reducing tax pressure, bureaucratic simplification and creating a relationship of trust between the state and each taxpayer”.

Wealth is created by businesses, along with their workers, and the state must adopt fair rules aimed at redistribution, because by helping businesses and workers create wealth, the positive consequences benefit everyone.“, said the head of the government of Rome.

Condemned, finally, so “attacks by far-right elements against the Cgil union” as well as “acts of anarchist groups, the reference point of which is the Red Brigades».