A mobilization of the “Rainbow” families took place today in Milan, demanding their full recognition by Italian law. LGBT+ rights organizations, the new leader of the center-left Democratic Party Eli Schlein, the mayor of Milan, Pepe Sala, officials of the Italian Left and the Five Star Movement took part in the mobilization.

The main cause of today’s protest, the decision of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, by which it asked the municipality of Milan to stop registering in its registers the acts of birth of the children of same-sex couples.

“I heard the stories of these families, I looked them in the eyes. There is a legal gap, which must be filled,” said the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala.

For her part, the new leader of the “Democrats”, Eli Schlein, added that her party will file a law to recognize the rights of same-sex couples and their children, “because no kind of discrimination can continue to exist.” .

“There is not a single reason why Rainbow families should be targeted. We are on their side because what the current government is doing is unacceptable. It is an ideological approach, disconnected from reality,” said Chiara Apentino, Five Star executive and former mayor of Turin.