London Thanasis Gavos

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s tax returns for the past three financial years have been released following pressure from Downing Street.

The statement for the last financial year, 2021-22, shows Mr Sunak paid £432,493 (€490,100) in tax.

The largest amount of this tax, namely £325,826, came from capital gains taxation of £1.6m.

In terms of income tax, the British Prime Minister paid £120,604 on a (gross annual) income of £329,561.

In total over the last three years he has paid more than £1 million in tax on an income of £4.7 million.

Mr Sunak has been under pressure to release his tax records since his leadership bid against Liz Truss.

The British leader is considered one of the richest prime ministers in the history of the United Kingdom, being the only politician who, together with his wife, was on last year’s list of the country’s 250 richest people, compiled on an annual basis by the Sunday Times newspaper.

His wife Aksata Murthy, the daughter of an Indian tycoon, declared her tax domicile to be another one of Britain, as a result of which she does not pay taxes in the country on her huge income abroad. Amid general outcry, Ms. Murty declared that she would no longer claim the so-called non-dom tax status.

However, Mr. Sunak is not immune to criticism, as his tax return was released on Wednesday afternoon while Boris Johnson’s testimony before the House of Commons Immunity Committee on partygate, which monopolizes political interest, was underway.