Tremendous scientific progress was recorded in Turin, Italy, in the field of ophthalmology, according to today’s reports in the Italian press. Thanks to autotransplantation of the entire surface of the eye (including the cornea, part of the sclera and the conjunctiva) blind patient was able to partially regain the vision of.

The operation was performed at the Le Molinete Hospital in Turin. The patient is 83 years old and had lost vision in the left eye 30 years ago due to a retinal problem. Ten years ago he was also blind in his right eye due to a rare disease. The autotransplantation was made possible thanks to the use of material from the left eye, “which presented functional problems, but had preserved a healthy surface”, as the experts explained.

The operation lasted four hours and, after two weeks, the patient recognizes faces and objects and moves independently, reports the Italian press.