The representative of the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, launched a new attack on American Senator Robert Menendez.

As reported by the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis KostidisTurkish ally Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Menendez had built a career over the past two years aimed at antagonizing Turkey and asked the US to find a formula to unblock the F-16 program and not be linked to the its inclusion case Finland and Sweden in NATO.

“There are some in Congress who want to make the program (including the F-16) dependent on Sweden and Finland joining NATO. Like Robert Menendez, who in the last 1-2 years built the one career he has, with the sole aim of opposing Turkey.
He states that in any way he will not approve the sale. He is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. Another formula has to be found, I don’t know what that formula will be, it’s an internal matter for the US.”
emphasized the representative of the Turkish presidency and continued:

“In my meetings in the Senate, Menendez avoided meeting with us. He does this all the time. Efforts have also been made by our embassy.”

In conclusion he said:

“We said to everyone else we met, ‘if you put Sweden and Finland as a term, you are making a logical mistake. These are two different issues. Separate one from the other. But if you try to use it as leverage against Turkey, I will come to you with a counterproposal. What will you do if I tell you we won’t approve Sweden until you approve the F-16s?” At this point they have no answer. Do not put pressure on Turkey by bringing up unrelated issues. This won’t work. Apply pressure and then we will find another way out.”