Conflicts between the forces of the order and a group consisting of hundreds of people were noted today at Paris on her head protest demonstration against pension reformaccording to AFP journalists.

Some, dressed in black and with their faces covered, ransacked a shop, set fire to rubbish bins or scaled fences from public spaces shortly before the inter-union procession arrived at the Place de la Nacion, the end of the demonstration.

France protests over the pension

Law enforcement fired tear gas to “dissolve the blockade”, allow “the intervention of firefighters” and “facilitate the procession to move forward”, announced the Paris police headquarters, which spoke of 22 arrests shortly before 19.00 Greek time.

A total of 10,000 checks were carried out around the demonstration, the police directorate added.

At least two injured people were given first aid by “street medics” (volunteer rescuers), according to AFP journalists. One, conscious, had a head injury, the other wearing an armband with the insignia “PRESS” had a superficial leg injury.

According to minister Gérard Darmanin, 13,000 police and gendarmes — including 5,500 in Paris — mobilized for the 10th day of protest against the pension reform, an “unprecedented” force he described.

740,000 protesters, 93,000 of them in Paris, according to police

Nearly 740,000 protesters took part in protests in France today, including 93,000 in Paris, for the 10th day of anti-pension reform protests, which saw a drop in turnout, police said.

On March 23, the previous day of demonstrations, nearly 1.09 million citizens took part in protest marches across the country, including 119,000 in Paris, according to the interior ministry.

The CGT union is talking about 450,000 protesters in Paris today, a smaller number compared to the previous mobilization.