Nashville police announced yesterday that Audrey Hale, who carried out Monday’s massacre of six people, including three children, at a Christian private school in the Tennessee state capital, had seven guns in her possession, despite being under the care of a doctor and suffering from psychological problems, an explosive cocktail behind other such tragedies in the USA. During the attack, three students and three adults were killed, while the police officers killed the attacker.

The two assault rifles and the handgun used yesterday by the 28-year-old who sowed death at Covenant School, a small private elementary school in the southern part of the state capital, were purchased legally, as was the rest of her arsenal, the chief of the Nashville police clarified , John Drake.

The Nashville school principal who was attacked Monday by Hale, rushed to confront the gunman in an attempt to save her students, according to testimonies that have seen the light of day.

Kathryn Koons, the 60-year-old manager was found dead in a hallway, with Nashville’s police chief saying that indicates she confronted the 28-year-old.

Hale chose victims at random, police said – and CCTV footage shows her walking around with a gun in her hand.


Nashville City Councilman and former FBI agent Russ Pooley said Koons tried to save her students. “The principal, Mrs. Koons, as soon as she heard the first shots, ran towards danger’ he wrote on Facebook.

He has also made sure to prepare the school with safety protocols for such situations. These actions saved countless lives. Pooley told Fox News Digital that the principal was on a conference call when Hale barged in.

“I understand from a witness at the school that Kathryn Coons was on a Zoom call when she heard the first shot,” Pooley said.

“He immediately ended the call, got up and headed straight for the assailant. He did what principals do, protect their children.”

John Drake, Nashville’s police chief, said Tuesday he had no doubt the 60-year-old woman sped toward danger — though he did not elaborate.

The police also released yesterday video of the intervention of its members that put an end to the carnage, captured by body cameras. Police officers are shown advancing through hallways decorated with children’s drawings and repeatedly shooting Audrey Hale, who collapses to the floor.