An incredible story happened in a small, rural town in Poland, where a distant and lonely man turned out to have dug up his dead mother 13 years ago, mummified her and lived with her corpse since 2010.

The shocking incident happened in the town of Radlin, in south-west Poland, and the 76-year-old, now retired, Marian L., lived with his mother’s mummified body, which he had placed on the sofa, in front of the TV, keeping her company and caring for her as if she were alive. .

In fact, this man was so lonely that neighbors said they called him “vampire” as many did not know his name.

According to the Daily Mail, citing the Polish newspaper Fakt, the tragic case was revealed when the 76-year-old’s brother-in-law recently visited him at his home.

The relative saw Marian L. wandering around outside the house “like crazy” and called an ambulance. The crew entered the house, saw the gruesome sight and called the authorities.

Authorities then ran a DNA test on the mummified body, which confirmed it belonged to Jadwiga L., the 76-year-old’s mother who died in January 2010.
Jadwiga L.’s grave was also found to be empty.

The 76-year-old pensioner, before finally leaving in the ambulance, told the paramedics that before he left, he wanted to say goodbye to his mother…