The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyiannis, visited the “Chabad House” in Psirri tonight and dined at the Gostijo restaurant, a day after the dismantling of the terrorist group, which was preparing a bloody attack on the Jewish restaurant located in the “heart” of the capital.

With his presence in the space that also functions as a Synagogue, Mr. Bakoyiannis reiterated the clear message of the municipal authority against anti-Semitism and fear, as well as his support and solidarity with the Jewish community of Athens, visitors and investors from Israel.

“Athens is a safe city, an open city, a welcoming city. I am here to express my practical support and let us all together send a clear message against intolerance, violence, anti-Semitism, hatred. And together, of course, our warm thanks to the security services and bodies”, said Mr. Bakoyannis in his message.