Regraghi: “It is normal for children to play in the national team of the country in which they grew up”


An interview with the Spanish “El Pais” was granted by the coach of the Moroccan national team, Walid Regraghitalking about the possibility that footballers have to choose which country they will representon the occasion of the rumor about the desire of Braim Diath to… leave the national Spain for that of Morocco.

“A lot of players change national teams because that’s what feels right. Laporte playing in Spain is not France’s failure. Perhaps he himself feels more Spanish since he developed his career in Spain. Why does Mbappe, while he has the option, not play Cameroon or Algeria, but chose France? It is normal for children to choose the country in which they grew up. The same is true with Braim Diath. He is 23 years old and has to decide which country he will represent”he said characteristically, while he then talked about the magical course of his team until the semi-finals and the fourth place of the World Cup held in Qatar.

“The fact that the World Cup was held in an Arab country made us feel at home. The players understood that they had to work as a team. That there was no room for egos. We have always had quality footballers. In 2018 we had Belhanda, Bousoufa, Ahmadi, Dirar, Ziges, Hakimi. But then we lacked faith”.


Source: Sport Fm

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