Ecopetrol, the largest state-owned oil company in Colombia, said on Friday that a water injection system at an oil well had been targeted by a bomb attack and damaged.

The attack took place at the La Cira Infantas oil field, near the town of Barrancavermeja, in the province of Santander.

“The terrorist act caused damage to a water injection system,” the company summarized in a statement. “Members of the army and the police are in the (…) area and are conducting checks. After the security forces’ duties are completed, repair work will begin,” he added.

The La Cira Infantas oil field has been the target of 12 attacks since 2021, according to Ecopetrol. It produces about 28,000 barrels of crude a day, a spokesman said, adding that production had not stopped despite the attack.

The oil well is owned by Ecopetrol by 52% and the remaining 48% by SierraCol Energy.

Ecopetrol avoided assigning responsibility for the bombing to any specific organization.

Oil and energy infrastructure has been repeatedly targeted by rebel organizations, notably the National Liberation Army (ELN, Gebarists), which is currently holding peace talks with the government of Social Democrat President Gustavo Petros.