Bruna Surfistinha says she was attacked by her ex and gets a protective measure


The influencer Raquel Pacheco, known as Bruna Surfistinha, said she was the victim of aggression by her former partner Xico Santos. In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, published this Friday (31), Raquel claims that the former couple would have argued on March 5 and that he would have tried to kick her, while she was holding her daughter Maria, seven months old, on the lap.

“I didn’t want any of this to be happening. I would never have spoken about it if he hadn’t attacked me while Maria was in my lap”, said Raquel, to Marie Claire.

According to her, the fight would have started after discovering some alleged betrayals on Xico’s cell phone, with nudes and conversations with other women.

To the F5, Raquel Pacheco’s advisory reported that she received, through a court official, a protective measure signed by a judge, on Tuesday of last week. “Until then, she already had a measure since the day of the aggression, she left the Women’s Police Station already with this protection, but the document was provisional”, added her representative, in a note.

The F5 report also left the space open for Raquel to comment on the case, with no return so far.


On social media, Xico Santos has spoken openly about the case. In a publication on February 26, he states that he lives “fatherhood in a different way than he imagined, being a full-time and solo father for 1 year and 5 months”.

“The ‘mother’? Attached to her bottle of vodka (consuming one a day). Wow! But she needs help, yes she has needed help for 11 years, then help appears, the opportunity for a new life opens wide. such a dream of being a ‘mother’. Ah! This dream will shake her and she will have strength. It didn’t happen!”, he accused, in the caption of the post.

Xico Santos was also wanted by the F5but did not return until the publication of this report.

Source: Folha

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