More than 9,300 hectares have been engulfed in flames in the Pyrenees by a fire that broke out yesterday Sunday in the south of France in Cerbère.

More than 300 people have evacuated their homes, but at this time “most have managed to return to their homes,” the prefecture said in a statement issued this afternoon. “The fire has not yet been extinguished but the situation has stabilized in terms of protecting the population and their property,” he added.

The fire is similar to those that break out in the summer months. More than 300 firefighters have thrown themselves into the fight to put out the fire, but the strong winds blowing make their efforts difficult, as a result of which the firefighting planes are forced to abort their mission. According to Météociel, wind gusts of up to 140 km/h were recorded at Cape Bear at 8am this Sunday.

The causes of the fire, which broke out on Sunday morning, have not yet been clarified.

The town of Cerbère is located right on the French border with Spain.

In addition to the dangerous, strong wind, conditions are difficult because the area is very dry, fire authority Sdis told the television station.