London, Thanasis Gavos

The majority of Britons are in favor of maintaining the institution of the monarchy in a poll on behalf of the Daily Mail website, which also reflects confidence in the person of King Charles III.

On the contrary, the disapproval of the majority of Britons for Princes Andrew and Harry is becoming clear.

Specifically, 59% of the respondents answered negatively to the question of whether the institution should be abolished, against a rate of 23%. And 52% consider the monarchy “good” for Britain and 27% “bad”.

51% believe that in 50 years the institution of the monarchy will still exist, compared to 28%.

When asked if they think that Charles will be a good king, 64% of the respondents answer in the affirmative, compared to 17%. Besides, 58% believe that the new king should continue to publicly position himself on issues he considers important, compared to 30% who have the opposite opinion.

When it comes to which couple is the best British role model, William and Kate beat Harry and Meghan by 71% to 14%.

In fact, 64% believe that Harry should be removed from the line of succession. The highest disapproval rating on the same question, however, is for Prince Andrew, at 79%, due to his involvement in the Epstein scandal.

In terms of who has hurt the royal family more, Andrew “wins” here again over his nephew Harry with 46% to 43%.

Charles III leads his eldest son William by 50% to 35% on the question of who should succeed Queen Elizabeth to the throne.

“Queen Camilla” negatives

It turns out that British citizens are opposed to the move by Buckingham Palace to call Camilla “queen” from now on. Only 14% of respondents consider this to be the appropriate title. Most, 36%, wish to retain the title of “royal wife”. 23% do not want any title and 16% want Camilla’s previous title, i.e. “Duchess of Cornwall”.

The last two questions concern the couple of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 37% think Princess Diana would approve of Meghan, compared to 36% who say “no”.

As for which of her two sons best embodies Diana’s values, 50% say “William” and 27% “Harry”.

Finally, when asked if they support Harry’s public criticism of the royal family, 31% say no, compared to 16%.

The poll was carried out at the end of March, about a month and a half before Charles III’s coronation, and is the first comprehensive poll of the post-Elizabethan monarchy.