Famous Russian rock singer and frontman of the band DDT Yury Shevchuk, who has criticized the war in Ukraine, and musician Dmitry Emelyanov released a music video for their joint anti-war song titled “War’s Funeral”. Together they had released Shevchuk’s previous anti-war video clip titled “Homeland Back”.

“Sing a light song, friend, sing about love and it will be like this:

With the whole earth together we will hold a war funeral.”

Earlier the band DDT indefinitely postponed their scheduled concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow on May 27 and June 17 “for reasons beyond the control of the band and the organizers.”

Yuri Shevchuk has repeatedly spoken out against the war in Ukraine. He had been fined 50,000 rubles for the following phrase he once said: “The motherland, my friends, is not about kissing the president’s buttocks, which you have to keep caressing and kissing.”

The Russian rocker has a staunchly pacifist stance and has spoken out against all wars, including wars in Chechnya, South Ossetia and anywhere else in the world.