Polish prosecutors have seized “large” sums of money from frozen bank accounts of the Russian embassy and Russian trade mission in Warsaw, Russia’s ambassador to the country told state news agency RIA on Wednesday.

Sergei Andreev denounced the move as a “flagrant violation” of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Poland froze these accounts immediately after the Russian army invaded the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

“We received notification from the prosecutor’s office that funds in the accounts of the embassy and the trade mission in Santander bank were transferred to the accounts of the prosecutor’s office,” Mr. Andreev told RIA. These were “large funds” in US dollars and zlotys, he added.

Lukasz Lapczynski, a spokesman for the Polish prosecutor’s office, limited himself to saying that he would give answers today Thursday. The Polish Foreign Ministry referred the matter to the Ministry of Justice, but a spokesman for the latter was not available for comment.

Poland’s government is among Ukraine’s staunchest supporters in the West and played a role in the decision to send heavy tanks to Kiev, among other things. In March 2022, Warsaw expelled 45 Russian diplomats it said were working for Moscow’s intelligence services.