A four-year-old girl, who was trying to reach Italy with her family, fell into the sea and died when the boat she was on was attacked by Tunisian fishermen.

According to Italian media, the fishermen stole the engine of the iron boat, seven meters long, in which thirty-four migrants and refugees were traveling. They had departed from Sfax, Tunisia, bound for the coast of Lower Italy.

The tragic event took place in the search and rescue area of ​​Italy and the Coast Guard of Rome, together with the Economic Police, mobilized immediately, helping the shipwrecked.

Last night, at the same time, another iron boat sank south of Sicily and forty-six people (including seven minors and thirteen women) were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard.

In Lampedusa, finally, the police “adopted”, temporarily, little Ismail, only six months old. His mother died in the Mediterranean, leaving the baby alone, without any other relatives. The Italian police officers, for immediate care, bought cookies, milk, diapers, gum cream and toys.