In a statement on a bill being debated in the Bulgarian parliament regarding domestic violence, Acting Minister of Justice Krum Zharkov said today that it is not enough for those convicted of such abusive and criminal acts to simply be imprisoned, noting that these people also need treatment.

Zharkov stressed that those convicted of such crimes should be treated in such a way that they are able to reintegrate into society. “If they have mental or other problems, they should be treated in such a way that they don’t harm others again. This is one of the big issues I’m trying to address as Minister of Justice“, he said.

The caretaker minister was quoted as saying that cases of recidivism and re-offending by those released from prison constitute a threat to society. As he said: “Because these people are imprisoned, punished, then released and commit crimes again. Others are suffering too. It’s not just about homicides. Many women and children suffer abuse of various kinds or remain in a state of dependence, be it psychological or financial.