No progress is being seen in lifting barriers to Russian grain and fertilizer exports raised by the West’s “sanctions strategy”, a senior Russian diplomat said in Washington today, with weeks to go before a deal guaranteeing exports expires grain from Ukraine.

The Initiative for the Safe Export of Grain and Food from Ukrainian Ports, or the Black Sea Grain Initiative, an agreement brokered by the UN and Turkey in July 2022, was renewed for a second time on March 19.

It allowed the safe export of Ukrainian grain from Black Sea ports.

If the obstacles that Russia complains about are not removed, he will expire on May 18. Moscow insists on accusing the West of not allowing the fulfillment of its part of the agreement.

“There has not yet been any progress in solving the financial and logistical problems for the provision of Russian grain and fertilizers,” said Andrei Ledenev, an official at the Russian embassy in the US, via the Telegram platform. In addition, he added, “importing agricultural equipment into Russia remains difficult.”

Mr. Ledenev described the impasse as a direct consequence of the “sanctions strategy” of the US and its partners against Moscow, which includes restrictions in the areas of payment processing through banks, supplies, insurance, etc.