A 38-year-old woman met a tragic end at an Indonesian airport when the wrong doors of the elevator she was in opened and she fell into the void from the second floor.

According to the BBC, her body was found three days later by airport staff, who were looking for the cause of the foul smell emerging.

The relatives of the unfortunate woman had notified the airport authorities that they had lost track of her.

The moment the woman fell as captured by a security camera:

According to the Daily Mail, the 38-year-old entered the elevator to find her niece at the check-in area at Kualanamu Airport on April 24.

The woman entered the elevator through one door, then turns to press the button for the 2nd floor. She stands, waits, and starts looking at her cell phone as the second set of doors open behind her.

Then she presses the button again, still looking at the doors she came through before her.

He is then seen making a frantic phone call and tries to open the locked doors, which he succeeds in and then falls into the void.

A representative of the airport’s operating company attributed the accident to problematic operation of the elevator, adding that it was the 38-year-old herself who tried to open the doors.

For his part, the 38-year-old’s brother spoke of insufficient safety measures in the elevator, refuting claims that it was his sister’s fault.