The BBC Russian Service in collaboration with the investigative journalism website Mediazona and a group of volunteers confirmed from open sources the names of 22,055 Russian military who were killed in war in Ukraineof which 2,057 were conscripts.

In the last two weeks it became known that 2,367 Russians were killed.

From the last record released on April 7 until today, the fighters of the Wagner mercenary organization suffered the biggest losses in the city of Bahamut. Among them are regular mercenaries and prison inmates, who are buried in secret.

BBC and Mediazona journalists report that casualties among the rest of the army fighting in Ukraine are “almost imperceptible”. At the same time, they point out that this number of total casualties does not correspond to reality and may be much higher, as they only record the names of the dead that are made public.

The media report, which includes only identified names, is updated every two weeks.