DW reports on the pressure felt by the state on Russians who say they are against their country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Elena Yoliker and her two children are preparing to leave Russia as the Russian authorities they have been targeted as pro-Ukrainians.

The reason was a profile photo on her mobile phone of 11-year-old Varia Yoliker, which depicted the Virgin Mary wrapped in a Ukrainian flag. The school principal called the police and they then followed interrogations, threats and a police raid on the family home. A nightmare that lasted weeks.

“I was afraid. The policewoman was sitting across from me. She was tall and looking at me through her glasses. I was thinking what she wants from me, I’ve never seen her before” says the 11-year-old Varia Yoliker which finds an outlet in music to be forgotten.

“They caused me and my daughter great pain. The interrogation alone lasted 4 hours. We were confronted with strange questions, about fighting for my daughter, about how bad a child she is.” her mother points out Elena Yoliker which as she says her carefree life is over.

“I no longer identify with the Russian state. It causes pain to my children and me. I don’t think we can expect anything good in Russia in the next 20 to 30 years, when my children will be adults.” he mentions and emphasizes that it is now a matter of time before he leaves abroad.