China is strongly opposed against the G7 joint communiqué and has expressed its displeasure to Japan, the host country of the G7 summit, as the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced today Saturday.

The Chinese ministry said the G7, ignoring China’s concerns, attacked Beijing and meddled in its internal affairs, including the Taiwan issue, as noted in a statement.

In their announcement, G7 leaders agreed to tighten sanctions against Moscow and reduce their exposure to China. They also called on China to pressure Russia to immediately end its military operation and withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov argued for his part that the decisions taken by the G7 countries at the summit in Japan are aimed at the “double containment” of Russia and China.

Addressing a conference call, Lavrov repeated Russia’s claim that “the West is using Ukraine as a tool to achieve a strategic defeat of Moscow”.